Baked with love (incollab with thesweettooth)

Hello folks!
So Tanyeanncloset is here with it’s first food blog (BAKED WITH LOVE) that is in collaboration with thesweettooth. This page is basically run by Ms. Ayushi and I am just helping her to promote her page. All the recipes above in pictures are by her only.
thesweettooth offers vivid range of yum desserts that will fill your mouth with water. No I am not kidding, you can see a clear wide smile on my face in tha image above? Yes that’s because I am with my favourite cupcake that Ayushi sent me. I am mostly on diet
but I can’t resist my fav cupcake from thesweettooth ! Hmm!
Sweettooth offers cakes, designer cakes, customised cupcakes, donuts everyytthhhhiiiingg under one page.
Delivery :
thesweettooth delivers everywhere in India. Yes you heard me right? Everywhere in India.

Guys? what for you are waiting for? Go check out the page and order your fav dessert nowww!!
instagram handle : thesweettooth._
my instagram handle : tanya_jha



Go green shopping (in collab with @akkadbakkad)

Hello folks! how are you all? So,this is my first lifestyle blog in collaboration with @akkadbakkad. As the name suggests , all these products are for the kid in you.

They have a wide range of products that not only are eco friendly but also are very attractive.
It is the first E commerce site that follows the idea of earth shopping.

now, coming to the main point


-hand made


-hand embroidered

-unique design

-eco friendly

Well, no such reasons.

My personal choice:
Metallic lip cushions”: These are soooo good! I mean I can’t wait to design my living area with them.
Fluffy heart shaped cushions : Have your sweetheart’s birthday coming up? They have something for you. Check out.
Customised key chains : *all of me loves all of you* keychain, valentine’s vibes already?
Boss makeup pouches : All the ladies packup your makeup stuff and show the world who’s the BOSS.

So guys! What are you guys waiting for? Go check out their instagram profile for the beautiful handmade products and eco friendly products.
Instagram handle : akkad_bakkad_

queries at



Holla folks! So as I promised that I will be coming up with my new wedding and Rakshabandhan looks, here I am.

Outfit 1# Red dhoti Pants with black sequinned top. This is my favourite because it’s the most comfortable one. Keeping the idea of summer, this attire was easy to carry attire this Rakshabandhan. Style with comfy that’s what we want, right ? Moreover the indo western touch adds to it beauty. I have paired it up with my DIY BOHO FOOTWEAR. For details, mail me up at

Outfit 2# Golden carbon skirt with white strapless top. The skirt you see in pictures above is from BIBA and I have paired it up with a pretty white top that I got from vero moda. The skirt not only gives a festival traditional touch but something that defines elegance. Makeup details. I have used this cinnamon lip shade from nykaa. I love it how this cinnamon touch matches with the golden grace.
Outfit 3# This is the heaviest I have worn in last years. The beautiful Aqua blue gown is self designed by Ritu Kumar. Undoubtedly, it gives you a royal touch and queen feels. It totally depends upon how you carry this. As it’s said Carry it with grace, carry it like a princess. Blue being my favourite colour when paired with golden work makes the best outcome. Oh! I so love this. Tip: wear heels .
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Summer bride $

New fusion fashions are emerging rapidly, as designers compete to produce designs in tune with current trends. Example of a traditionally Indian garment that has been heavily influenced by Western fashion is the kurta suit, a reversal of the established tradition of Western fashion being influenced by Asian design.[3]

The clothing of the quintessential Indo-Western ensemble is the trouser suit, which is a short kurta with straight pants and a dupatta. Newer designs often feature sleeveless tops, short dupattas, and pants with slits. New fusion fashions are emerging rapidly, as designers compete to produce designs in tune with current trends.

Additional examples of the fusion that Indo-Western clothing represents include wearing jeans with a choli, salwar or kurta, adding a dupatta to a Western-style outfit, and wearing a lehnga (long skirt) with a tank top or halter top.

I have teamed up my royal blue palazzo with a denim assymetrical top. The palazzo has ancient craved prints that gives it an indian look whereas the denim top adds western touch to it. To make it completely indo western , I have paired it up with my denim loafers.

# Noticing the golden look of the design craved in my palazzo , I decided to team it up with my layered necklace . The color coordinated accesories give’em a different lool.
#I wanted my accessories to be highlighted so I decided to with high bun.

Do’s and don’ts’ :
Always choose your comfort level first and then choose your attire accordingly”
*Keep your makeup light as per the summers , it also enhances your look,
*Keep it color coordinated
So, that was it for today’s blog, hope you liked it. You can submit your queries and suggestions at (


‘One hot chocolate with extra sugar’…I heard a familiar voice in that queue. I looked back and my heart raced a little. 7 years and she looks the same infact younger. I shouted “Rhea”? She turned and shook hands. No, I wanted to hug her , I wanted to apologise. I wanted to tell her that it was all my mistake, she was the best thing happened to me. “Rohan, coffee “? But Rhea didn’t like coffee , she hated it . She was more of a tea lover. “Yes,sure”, but I wanted to hold her hand and tell her that she looks beautiful, she was always beautiful. She looked at me with confidence filled in her eyes and I realised that she’s no longer the Rhea I dated in college. I lost her the day I broke her heart. “How are you Rohan, long time ?” She asked. I wanted to tell her that I lived in guilt for past 7 years and searched her in every possible way. “I am good, yes business kept me really busy” I replied. She smiled and it added more to her beauty but this time the smile depicted a strong independent woman.  I didn’t know how to start, I just wanted to to stare her for hours. After a while she got on her phone while I noticed the bracelet she wore in her wrist. My heart raced a little, I wanted to jump off table. I wanted to shout that “See,she still loves me , she is my Rhea”, this was the same bracelet I got her when we started dating. Finally when she disconnected her call , I held her hands. “Rhea,I know I did wrong to you , I always loved you but I was afraid of the commitment. I was a fool, I broke your heart. I know you Rhea, you regret being with me in past…” and my phone rang. “I will just come” and I went outside to pick up the call . I came back and Rhea wasn’t there. I searched her everywhere but Rhea was gone. I found the tissue along with the bracelet. Rhea left a message on the tissue, WE NEVER REGRET THE THINGS THAT MAKE US STRONG.



Holla folks ! So Tanyeahncloset is back after a long break. We are really sorry for this delay. We are back and so are the summers and of course we need a wardrobe change, we do right
This time Tanyeahncloset has collaborated with printoctupus. Let’s hear for Print Octupus.
Print Octupus is India’s best e-commerce store for t shirts and your favourite phone cases.
We are glad that they chose to collaborate with us.
Coming back to today’s blog . As the name suggests THE SPRING FLING , the outfit which you can see above is nothing but a pair or loose jeans and a t shirt that I got from print Octupus .

Isn’t it looking cool ?
Firstly the tee goes with everything in summers.
You can pair your cotton tees with your jeans, joggers and shorts.
If you like the above outfit, you should surely visit .
They have the amazing collection of graphic tees ! . The best thing about the spring fling outfit is that it’s COMFY WITH HOT !
Trust me, we won’t suggest you to go out in your LBDs seeing the temperature outside. Instead we suggest you to pair up your attire with your fav graphic tee and your fav pair of loafers. And yes don’t forget to carry your fav shades !
And heard of icing on cake ? You can even get the matching phone cases at
So what are you waiting for ? Go grab your fav tees and phone cases.
The outfit details –>
T-shirt : printoctupus
Bottom: Lee
Shades: Dior


Hello lovely people ! Sorry for the delay in publishing new blog. Hope you all liked the last post and thankyou for your views and appreciation.
So here is the new post SEE YOU AT LUNCH .  As we know that winters are approaching and our candle light dinners have changed into lunch or brunch dates. We all avoid going out in evening because no one wants to have pictures in stuffed heavy jackets and sweaters making you look like a bear. This blog is all about your lunch attire which will make you look elegant and pretty in the warm sunlight. First and most important thing, avoid black in sunlight. Try to have bright colors with fluroscent touch. It gives a bright look. Instead heavy curled dresses or hoods, try maxi dresses or indo westers. Sophistication comes over hotness. Like the maxi dress you can see in the pictures above, they are not only light but it goes with the outside weather too. Try fishtails or braids on such dresses, it enhances your face and the look of your dress. Interlaced strands and accessories are the best combinations. You can choose footwear according to your height and length of your dress. If it’s really cold outside during day time too then you can go for bright coloured scarfs.  When it comes to makeup , prefer very light base for face and a touch of eye makeup because your eyes speaks.

so ladies , this was all about for your lunch dates and meetings . I will be back soon with new ideas from your own very closet.


Hello folks! First of all wishing you all a very happy Diwali. So ladies ? Done with your salon sessions? Hah! As the blog title says trad-o-trendy , we have come up with the trends in traditional wears . It’s the biggest misconception of people that you can look hot only in western wears. Ladies ! Have you all heard a phrase , ‘The most expensive gifts come wrapped’. So wrap yourself up , oh no ! Not in wrapping papers but in beautiful Indian wears. Done ? Now you must be feeling that something is missing right ? Well yes , accessories sweetheart. More heavier more prettier . But this time don’t load your neck with immensely heave necklaces , they are a bit outdated now. You guys can go for different head gears and hair accessories. Oh no not tiaras ! You don’t have to put a bed of flowers Everytime . Haha. Then when it comes to earrings ? Long heavy earrings are outdated already. You guys can go for trendy ear cuffs available in markets . Accessories play the real magic here. Now what? Go get yourself dressed up in stunning dresses and then ? HELLO GORGEOUS! ❤️

Lady in black.

“The girl in little black dress is like an old wine.”
Hello people,
As we just read the phrase above what striked our minds? “A girl in a little black dress with shiny chirpy face, isn’t it?'”. Well yes, the LBDs are the best way to make you the centre of attraction of any party, prom night, movie dates, dinners, after parties. The trend of LBDs are not new, the first ever LBDs were first designed in 1920s. But as it is said , IT’S NOT ABOUT WHAT YOU WEAR , IT’S ABOUT HOW YOU CARRY IT. Little black dresses never give you an innocent look , they make you look bold and yes ofcourse sexy ! But you need to know how to carry them, like if you pickup a little black dress for a date and then you go on putting some cute pink accessories on it and yes how can we forget our favorite pair of colourful sandals we bought from sale? Well ladies, NO! DISASTER ALERT! You will look like a 5 year old cute girl forcefully dressed in her sister’s prom dress. LBDs should be least accessorize , because you really need to wear nothing with them. Let’s come to not very slim girls, well I didn’t use the word fat because I understand how offensive it is . Hello cute fluffy girls, I understand we often hesitate to wear little black dresses because we think we will look like a big hot air balloon trapped inside a black shimmery cover. Haha! NO! The best thing about black is that it never makes you look fat. Now this was like cake but we really want icing on the cake, eh? Here the icing on cake refers to our footwears, as the CINDRELLA IS ALWAYS JUDGED BY HER SHOES. Avoid flats , like go for stilletos or if you are like above 5’6 we got better options for you sweetie. Tie up heels or gladiators will always be the best option. For now, this is all I have. What ya all waiting , it’s weekend already go pickup your LBDs and turn the show on.image2-1