SWirl with skirt

Hello people!

Tanyeahncloset is back with a new fashion trend. It’s SWIRL WITH SKIRT. As you can see the pictures above, I am wearing a chrome skirt paired up with my favourite boots.

Are you a 90’s kid? Then you can totally relate with the skirt trend. And obviously they are again back in the fashion world.

You can pair your skirt with :

Skin fit tops

High neck tops

Skin fit shirts

Crop tops

so basically with everything.

In this look, I am wearing boots because yes of course it’s winters and secondly, I have got long legs. So yes if you are short , you should go for sneakers or flats or short boots or ankle boots.

Talking about the colour combination:

I have paired up black with yellow because yellow highlights with black. Never choose the colour of same intensity. We should always choose the colour of skirt according to the colour of your upper.

So girlies, you are all set to go and rock your winter weekend.


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