‘One hot chocolate with extra sugar’…I heard a familiar voice in that queue. I looked back and my heart raced a little. 7 years and she looks the same infact younger. I shouted “Rhea”? She turned and shook hands. No, I wanted to hug her , I wanted to apologise. I wanted to tell her that it was all my mistake, she was the best thing happened to me. “Rohan, coffee “? But Rhea didn’t like coffee , she hated it . She was more of a tea lover. “Yes,sure”, but I wanted to hold her hand and tell her that she looks beautiful, she was always beautiful. She looked at me with confidence filled in her eyes and I realised that she’s no longer the Rhea I dated in college. I lost her the day I broke her heart. “How are you Rohan, long time ?” She asked. I wanted to tell her that I lived in guilt for past 7 years and searched her in every possible way. “I am good, yes business kept me really busy” I replied. She smiled and it added more to her beauty but this time the smile depicted a strong independent woman.  I didn’t know how to start, I just wanted to to stare her for hours. After a while she got on her phone while I noticed the bracelet she wore in her wrist. My heart raced a little, I wanted to jump off table. I wanted to shout that “See,she still loves me , she is my Rhea”, this was the same bracelet I got her when we started dating. Finally when she disconnected her call , I held her hands. “Rhea,I know I did wrong to you , I always loved you but I was afraid of the commitment. I was a fool, I broke your heart. I know you Rhea, you regret being with me in past…” and my phone rang. “I will just come” and I went outside to pick up the call . I came back and Rhea wasn’t there. I searched her everywhere but Rhea was gone. I found the tissue along with the bracelet. Rhea left a message on the tissue, WE NEVER REGRET THE THINGS THAT MAKE US STRONG.



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