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New fusion fashions are emerging rapidly, as designers compete to produce designs in tune with current trends. Example of a traditionally Indian garment that has been heavily influenced by Western fashion is the kurta suit, a reversal of the established tradition of Western fashion being influenced by Asian design.[3]

The clothing of the quintessential Indo-Western ensemble is the trouser suit, which is a short kurta with straight pants and a dupatta. Newer designs often feature sleeveless tops, short dupattas, and pants with slits. New fusion fashions are emerging rapidly, as designers compete to produce designs in tune with current trends.

Additional examples of the fusion that Indo-Western clothing represents include wearing jeans with a choli, salwar or kurta, adding a dupatta to a Western-style outfit, and wearing a lehnga (long skirt) with a tank top or halter top.

I have teamed up my royal blue palazzo with a denim assymetrical top. The palazzo has ancient craved prints that gives it an indian look whereas the denim top adds western touch to it. To make it completely indo western , I have paired it up with my denim loafers.

# Noticing the golden look of the design craved in my palazzo , I decided to team it up with my layered necklace . The color coordinated accesories give’em a different lool.
#I wanted my accessories to be highlighted so I decided to with high bun.

Do’s and don’ts’ :
Always choose your comfort level first and then choose your attire accordingly”
*Keep your makeup light as per the summers , it also enhances your look,
*Keep it color coordinated
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‘One hot chocolate with extra sugar’…I heard a familiar voice in that queue. I looked back and my heart raced a little. 7 years and she looks the same infact younger. I shouted “Rhea”? She turned and shook hands. No, I wanted to hug her , I wanted to apologise. I wanted to tell her that it was all my mistake, she was the best thing happened to me. “Rohan, coffee “? But Rhea didn’t like coffee , she hated it . She was more of a tea lover. “Yes,sure”, but I wanted to hold her hand and tell her that she looks beautiful, she was always beautiful. She looked at me with confidence filled in her eyes and I realised that she’s no longer the Rhea I dated in college. I lost her the day I broke her heart. “How are you Rohan, long time ?” She asked. I wanted to tell her that I lived in guilt for past 7 years and searched her in every possible way. “I am good, yes business kept me really busy” I replied. She smiled and it added more to her beauty but this time the smile depicted a strong independent woman.  I didn’t know how to start, I just wanted to to stare her for hours. After a while she got on her phone while I noticed the bracelet she wore in her wrist. My heart raced a little, I wanted to jump off table. I wanted to shout that “See,she still loves me , she is my Rhea”, this was the same bracelet I got her when we started dating. Finally when she disconnected her call , I held her hands. “Rhea,I know I did wrong to you , I always loved you but I was afraid of the commitment. I was a fool, I broke your heart. I know you Rhea, you regret being with me in past…” and my phone rang. “I will just come” and I went outside to pick up the call . I came back and Rhea wasn’t there. I searched her everywhere but Rhea was gone. I found the tissue along with the bracelet. Rhea left a message on the tissue, WE NEVER REGRET THE THINGS THAT MAKE US STRONG.