Hello lovely people ! Sorry for the delay in publishing new blog. Hope you all liked the last post and thankyou for your views and appreciation.
So here is the new post SEE YOU AT LUNCH .  As we know that winters are approaching and our candle light dinners have changed into lunch or brunch dates. We all avoid going out in evening because no one wants to have pictures in stuffed heavy jackets and sweaters making you look like a bear. This blog is all about your lunch attire which will make you look elegant and pretty in the warm sunlight. First and most important thing, avoid black in sunlight. Try to have bright colors with fluroscent touch. It gives a bright look. Instead heavy curled dresses or hoods, try maxi dresses or indo westers. Sophistication comes over hotness. Like the maxi dress you can see in the pictures above, they are not only light but it goes with the outside weather too. Try fishtails or braids on such dresses, it enhances your face and the look of your dress. Interlaced strands and accessories are the best combinations. You can choose footwear according to your height and length of your dress. If it’s really cold outside during day time too then you can go for bright coloured scarfs.  When it comes to makeup , prefer very light base for face and a touch of eye makeup because your eyes speaks.

so ladies , this was all about for your lunch dates and meetings . I will be back soon with new ideas from your own very closet.


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