Hello folks! First of all wishing you all a very happy Diwali. So ladies ? Done with your salon sessions? Hah! As the blog title says trad-o-trendy , we have come up with the trends in traditional wears . It’s the biggest misconception of people that you can look hot only in western wears. Ladies ! Have you all heard a phrase , ‘The most expensive gifts come wrapped’. So wrap yourself up , oh no ! Not in wrapping papers but in beautiful Indian wears. Done ? Now you must be feeling that something is missing right ? Well yes , accessories sweetheart. More heavier more prettier . But this time don’t load your neck with immensely heave necklaces , they are a bit outdated now. You guys can go for different head gears and hair accessories. Oh no not tiaras ! You don’t have to put a bed of flowers Everytime . Haha. Then when it comes to earrings ? Long heavy earrings are outdated already. You guys can go for trendy ear cuffs available in markets . Accessories play the real magic here. Now what? Go get yourself dressed up in stunning dresses and then ? HELLO GORGEOUS! ❀️


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