Hello folks! First of all wishing you all a very happy Diwali. So ladies ? Done with your salon sessions? Hah! As the blog title says trad-o-trendy , we have come up with the trends in traditional wears . It’s the biggest misconception of people that you can look hot only in western wears. Ladies ! Have you all heard a phrase , ‘The most expensive gifts come wrapped’. So wrap yourself up , oh no ! Not in wrapping papers but in beautiful Indian wears. Done ? Now you must be feeling that something is missing right ? Well yes , accessories sweetheart. More heavier more prettier . But this time don’t load your neck with immensely heave necklaces , they are a bit outdated now. You guys can go for different head gears and hair accessories. Oh no not tiaras ! You don’t have to put a bed of flowers Everytime . Haha. Then when it comes to earrings ? Long heavy earrings are outdated already. You guys can go for trendy ear cuffs available in markets . Accessories play the real magic here. Now what? Go get yourself dressed up in stunning dresses and then ? HELLO GORGEOUS! ❤️

Lady in black.

“The girl in little black dress is like an old wine.”
Hello people,
As we just read the phrase above what striked our minds? “A girl in a little black dress with shiny chirpy face, isn’t it?'”. Well yes, the LBDs are the best way to make you the centre of attraction of any party, prom night, movie dates, dinners, after parties. The trend of LBDs are not new, the first ever LBDs were first designed in 1920s. But as it is said , IT’S NOT ABOUT WHAT YOU WEAR , IT’S ABOUT HOW YOU CARRY IT. Little black dresses never give you an innocent look , they make you look bold and yes ofcourse sexy ! But you need to know how to carry them, like if you pickup a little black dress for a date and then you go on putting some cute pink accessories on it and yes how can we forget our favorite pair of colourful sandals we bought from sale? Well ladies, NO! DISASTER ALERT! You will look like a 5 year old cute girl forcefully dressed in her sister’s prom dress. LBDs should be least accessorize , because you really need to wear nothing with them. Let’s come to not very slim girls, well I didn’t use the word fat because I understand how offensive it is . Hello cute fluffy girls, I understand we often hesitate to wear little black dresses because we think we will look like a big hot air balloon trapped inside a black shimmery cover. Haha! NO! The best thing about black is that it never makes you look fat. Now this was like cake but we really want icing on the cake, eh? Here the icing on cake refers to our footwears, as the CINDRELLA IS ALWAYS JUDGED BY HER SHOES. Avoid flats , like go for stilletos or if you are like above 5’6 we got better options for you sweetie. Tie up heels or gladiators will always be the best option. For now, this is all I have. What ya all waiting , it’s weekend already go pickup your LBDs and turn the show on.image2-1